Our Choice of EHJ

Our Choice of EHJ

Meet the First Year Novices of The Sisters of The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Set of 2020

These group of 14 young women have taken the bold step of discerning their vocation and making their choice of joining the Religious Institute of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.  Here are the reasons why.

Sr. Agatha Mary Kehinde Abejide

I desired to serve God and to come closer to Him. I had this strong desire to make Christ known to mankind and to bring my family closer to God. My utmost wish is to serve God among the poor and the needy and to proclaim the gospel to the people. I made the choice of EHJ because of their charism and their love of the Eucharist.

Sr. Adegbite Theresa Marie

As an altar girl under the care of the EHJ sisters in my parish, I got the desire to be a reverend sister through one of them who was my friend and due to their neatness. I later had the opportunity of attending a vigil in the convent. Behold at that vigil, I was surprised seeing sisters playing different musical Instruments and I was marveled. It was strange to me the way they sang and played, there, I thought I was already in heaven. Then I got my call and had another opportunity to work with them, with this, I expressed my vocation and they guided me in answering my call.

Sr. Charity Mario Ifunanyachukwu Anyanwu

I felt called by God to this way of life. Each time I see a religious I would wish I was the one dressed that way. On my first visit to a convent, the hospitality of the sisters made me feel at home. This enhanced the strong love I have for the religious life. The reason why I chose the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Sisters is to draw closer to Jesus in the Eucharist. I eventually fell in love with the habit of the Sisters. This may sound funny but then God used that to attract me.

Sr. Abishag Marie Bisong

I was motivated by an EHJ sister; seeing her in her beautiful white habit caught my attention. I was also motivated by my mother who told me one day, ‘why not become a sister ‘, when she saw my attitude towards religious things and the love of God. I kept that comment in my heart, thinking and pondering over it. I chose EHJ because of their charism and beautiful habit.

Sr. Francisca Maris Emoroghene Enughuwure

Because of my love for the Eucharistic Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and of my neighbour, I was motivated and inspired into joining this religious Institute through the life of an EHJ sister (Rev. Sr. Catherine Odom). Her manner of thanksgiving, simplicity, her togetherness with God, fellow human beings and her prayerfulness. All I desired was to give my life and will to the glory of God Almighty.


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  1. Joyous Josephine

    congrats my beautiful sisters,may God grant you the grace to remain in Him, the grace to be truthful to your vows and the grace to run the race to the end. Congrats

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