Community Life

Life together
Living together as Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Community life can be beautiful and also challenging. As Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, we are drawn together by our common love of our Eucharistic Lord. We know for sure that there is no guarantee that it would be easy living in community. However, our Constitution states unequivocally principles and practices that would make for a life of healthy community living. We try to make our community flourish through our personal efforts. The Sisters intense love for the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus creates a strong bond among them in a fraternal friendship, which is simple and loyal. They share life, laughter, food and experiences in their different apostolate.

Above all, they pray together. Apart from individual prayers, our Constitution challenges us to prayers in common. This, amongst others, strengthens our community life.

Listening is important for a healthy community living. Visitors are always welcome to share our meals with us.

When not praying, when not involved in the primary apostolate, when not sleeping, when not … The Sister of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus cannot afford lazing about. She engages in activities such as this. We set aside time each day for recreation after the day’s activities. The time for meal is very special to us; a time of sitting together as a family and as a community. Around the table, consciously or unconsciously, we make ourselves available to one another. The Sisters always look forward to meal times.

Celebrating a day of joy like feast days and birthdays with a co-Sister is a natural gesture of every Sister of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.