In the spirit of our founder, we are committed to continuing the mission of Christ. Our founder believed that our Institute would be “a great missionary power” (Founder’s letter, 1947). How we are to become the aforesaid is very clear and emphatic in our Constitution. We are chiefly to exercise the virtues of Religion and to do good as long as they give glory to God and help us to be
holy.  “All to the greater glory of God” is the reason for the existence of our Institute. According to our founder, the work we do is a means to perfection. And so, we consecrate our apostolate to God, knowing very well that whatever our task is, it is but a sharing in the mission of Christ.

As the Eucharist is taken, broken, shared and consumed, our Sisters place themselves at the service of others; ready to make sacrifices. While trying to make our lives a living memorial of Christ, we accept apostolate in remote and difficult.





In witnessing to our Eucharistic Lord and fostered by our apostolic Spirit, we reach out to people through our apostolate of teaching; health services; social work; pastoral work, mass media, etc.