Health Services

The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Sisters engaged in Medical work shall extend their Christian charity to all without distinction and without seeking gain or gratitude. This they shall do in imitation of their compassionate, loving and gentle Master who went about the towns and villages healing the sick and the infirm.

They shall work in Hospitals, Maternity Centres, Orphanages and Clinics belonging to the Congregation, the Church or the State, in ready co-operation with other Health workers, according to the circumstance. They shall make their services available to people of every condition, but especially to the poor and afflicted, and shall willingly spend themselves for them. (2 Cor. 12:15). They will share in their sorrows, their joys and will try to understand their problems, their sufferings and their hopes (Ad Gen. 12).

In our health care delivery we strive to imitate our Divine Master in His ministry to the sick. Our Eucharistic spirituality propels us to love in action. In dealing with the sick, therefore, we exhibit the qualities of patience, kindness, and friendliness to all without discrimination and without seeking any gain or gratitude.

We are sure of the delicate nature of our work and so we exercise the highest professional standards and norms of the Christian ethics.


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