Pastoral Work

The Sisters may assist in the Apostolic work of the Parishes such as:

  • Formation of Basic Christian Communities
  • Parish Visitation
  • Giving Religious Instructions
  • Organising Christian women societies
  • Organizing Catholic Youth Movement





The Sisters shall also be engaged in making Vestments and Altar Bread.
In accordance with our Founder’s wishes, the Sisters will be prepared to work, and see that Sacristies and Sanctuaries are suitably furnished and neatly kept. In this way, they
will help both Clergy and Laity to celebrate the Eucharist with befitting reverence and devotion.
We are very much involved in pastoral ministry both at home and abroad. The Sisters that are well trained in catechesis take up pastoral work as their primary apostolate. Every Sister, however, endeavours to take part in the pastoral ministry and catechetical apostolate of the Church by instructing children, youth and adult in the faith, and preparing them for the reception of the sacraments; they are also involved in counseling.

Across the shores …
Inspired by the spirit of our founder who wanted us to be “a great missionary power,” our Institute is extending her missionary work beyond the shores of Nigeria to other parts of the world. Today we are in four Archdioceses in North America – Archdiocese of Halifax, Archdiocese of Boston, Archdiocese of Chicago, and Archdiocese of Seattle.

We put in our best wherever we are found …
Our time
Our energy
Our goodness
Our Spirituality
Our Charism


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