Qualities and Formation Stages
The qualities required of candidates are:

  • A desire to enter the religious life, which is based on a supernatural motive, for example, to save her soul, to make Christ known in the world
  • Endowment with qualities of mind, body and personality required to live and work in a happy, well adjusted way in the Congregation. Generally, these qualities are good health, sufficient strength and intelligence to carry on the work of the Congregation; and psychological balance needed to live in a religious community. There should also be evidence that she is a person of good moral character.

Admission to the Pre-Novitiate Programme
Each candidate, before admission to this programme, shall be interviewed by the Admissions Board, whose members are: Vocation Directress, Pre-Novitiate Directress and Directress of Novices.

Two months before this interview, the candidates shall have presented the following documents, to be examined by the Admissions Board before the actual interview:
a.  Baptismal and Confirmation certificates.
b.  Certificate of health recently obtained from a Medical Doctor.
c.  A recent testimonial of good moral character from the Parish Priest.
d.  Certificate of birth, or sworn declaration of age.
e. If the candidate has been a pre-novitiate candidate, novice or professed religious in another Congregation, testimonial letter from the Superior General of that Congregation.
f.  Other testimonials