Qualities and Formation Stages
Pre-Novitiate – One Year
Candidates for admission into the pre-novitiate programme shall have three days Retreat before reception. This ceremony is private and within the Community.
The candidates for the Pre-Novitiate programme will spend this period in a house of the Congregation designated for this purpose under the care and competence
of the Pre-Novitiate Programme directress.
The aims of the Pre-Novitiate Programme in the Congregation are:
• To make sure that the candidate has a sound understanding of Christian doctrine and morality.
• To give the candidate and experience of living a more intense kind of Christian life within a Christian Community.
• To provide the candidate with a clear knowledge of what the religious life means.
• To afford the candidate basic instruction in prayer and the Liturgy.
• To teach the candidate how the apostolate fits into the religious life.
• To help the candidate make the transition from lay on religious life.
• To give the candidate and the Congregation a chance to discover whether she has a vocation as a Sister of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

In order to achieve these aims, the Programme shall last for one year and shall include:
• Instruction in Christian Doctrine and in Christian moral principles.
• Explanation on the basic elements of the religious life and vows with special attention to the spirituality of the Congregation. Elementary training in community prayer, private prayer and the liturgy. An experience of living together with like-minded young women and of working together in mutual love and helpfulness. Participation in some apostolate of the Congregation. Some training in openness and sincere search for God’s will in the candidate’s life, as related to discovering whether or not she has a religious vocation.
• Every month, the candidate should have an interview with the Sister who is in charge of her formation to get her advice.

Novitiate – Two Years
At the end of the Novitiate, Novices accepted for profession take temporary vows.
a. for 1 year
b. for 3 years
c. for 1 year
d. for 1 year

Postulancy (one year) and Novitiate (two years). Sisters spend the majority of their time at the formation houses studying, attending classes and engaging in apostolic activities.

Temporary Professed (six years) Sisters begin work on academic degrees and gradually become more fully involved in the congregation’s apostolate.

Final Professed Sisters are fully engaged in the apostolate as well as serving the community through administrative roles within the Congregation.

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