Eucharistic Heart of Jesus


Companions at His Table We AreSisters at prayer
Sharers of One Bread, His Body
Dedicated to service of God and our Neighbor
Accepting His Redemption
Partakers of His Divine Eucharistic Heart

Following Our Christ who is Able
Chastity we have Vowed
Poverty we have Embraced
Obedience we have Professed
Following the beautiful trails of His Eucharistic Heart

Light of the World We Are
Joy of a new life for us He has won
Peace to our Hearts He has Restored
Crowns of honor on our heads He has bestowed
Keeping in mind our strength is from His Eucharistic Heart

Salt of the earth we Are
Prince of Peace He has born
Bearing witnesses of His Love
Till we meet in His Home Above
Promoting His Glory, adoring His Eucharistic Heart

M. Assumpta Ezinne Okeke, EHJ

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One Reply to “Eucharistic Heart of Jesus”

  1. Sr. Joana Madu

    Beautiful and inspiring poem. It captured the essence/core of who we are and spirituality we live. Great. May the Lord grant us the grace of final perseverance. To God be the glory for ever. Amen.

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